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Not working properly with Adobe Premiere update


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  • Jeff Chow

    Hi Kyle,

    Sorry it's not working properly for you. I can imagine it being super frustrating for the playhead to jump around when you're trying to mark in's and out's.

    I'm also running the latest Premiere and marking In and Out with the buttons and gestures seem to work as expected. It should be sending the "i" key for In and "o" for Out. Can you place your cursor on the computer in any text box and then try the the In and Out buttons to see if they type "i" and "o" respectively?

    If that checks out, then next look at the keyboard shortcuts settings in Premiere and make sure that In and Out are still set as "i" and "o". 

    If all that checks out, let me know, as something else must be up. Also are you using a english QWERTY keyboard or another language?

    - Jeff


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